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History of St. Benedict School of Novaliches

St. Benedict School of Novaliches shares the same goal of all schools in the Philippines which provides education and a second home for students. But among all the schools in the Philippines, what makes St. Benedict a unique one?

In 1997, Mr. Emmanuel C. Fabella, Mrs. Loreto E. Fabella and Miss Luzviminda C. Fabella founded St. Benedict School of Novaliches. Their joint efforts and experience as administrators and teachers from exclusive schools, set in motion a reputation for SBSN as a growing school pursuing quality education; one that focuses on the intellectual, moral and spiritual development of the student.

During the early years of St. Benedict, the school’s population was less than two hundred. It started with only four classrooms with a few teachers. There were also a limited number of learning facilities. Only 500 books in the library were available, three computers where functional, and only two 29” TV sets were present for school use. The number of teachers, full-time and licensed, during that time, was only seven. In addition to that, there were only two hired personnel. Disregarding the population of the students SBSN’s facilities were better than those of other schools. From this, good and proper education was ensured to the students.

As years passed many developments have transpired in the system of education in St. Benedict. The facilities were increased up to 66 not to mention the activity areas. The number of computers escalated to more than a hundred. The books for school use have reached 14,000. The number of projector sets for audio-visual room use also rose to 3. With all the progress, the population of students has increased to 1,678. Indeed, it is a great success for the school to gain such improvement.

Plans for excellence and goals of motivation are circling around the atmosphere of St. Benedict. A room for improvement is always there for the school. As it is said, schooling is not a functional approach to education unless it inspires in you the spirit to think and to learn’. This is one of the goals of St. Benedict, to teach the students the real meaning of education. In addition to that, proper values of the students are also developed. The fitness of the students is also enhanced during the Sports Intramurals. These maintain the stability of a student, to learn physically, mentally and emotionally.

Indeed, a thousand years may pass, but this institution of knowledge will always find a special room in our hearts.

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